Potrero Chico Rescue Team

Potrero Chico Rescue Team

Potrero Chico Rescue

Covid19 Update: The Potrero Chico Park is open.

We are now a non profit in the State of Texas. Potrero Chico Volunteer Rescue Team, inc We never charge for our services, your donations will help injured climbers and hikers in Potrero Chico.

We’ve been having regular practices and I couldn’t be more proud of the volunteers. We’ve already responded to a few incidents. A snake bite on the El Toro trail, a twisted ankle at La Ola and the accident on Sendero Luminoso.


Volunteer Rescue Training 

Outrage Wall Rescue
Outrage Wall Rescue

We’ve already been responding to accidents for the last 6 seasons. Now our plan is to coordinate and train with the crew of El Buho, a local coffee shop run by climbers to have a trained group of volunteers ready to respond. Everyone is welcome to attend the training classes. We’ll cover a few basics like splinting a leg injury and patient immobilization for carrying them out if needed.

Donations And Volunteering

If you want to donate some gear or equipment  get in touch with us. Also if you plan on being here for an extended time you should consider volunteering with us. 

Team Practice

Potrero Chico Safety

For the most part the park and the climbing here are pretty safe.  As the park has become more popular we are seeing the number of rock climbing accidents rise though. Mostly it’s been leg and foot injuries with the more serious accidents being caused by rockfall.  As a result we formed the Potrero Chico Volunteer Rescue Team.

There seems to be a gap as to how much help the local first responders can provide to injured climbers. So we’ve been assisting the local Protection Civil in an attempt to close this gap and have observed a need for our own equipment. We held a fundraiser and were able to raise enough funds to purchase a Stokes basket, backboards, radios and medical supplies.

You should have some basic self rescue skills but if you get into trouble we have cell coverage on most of the routes so you can call 911 and they will contact us.

I am sure most are aware of the death of Brad Gobright. We helped the local authorities with the investigation and the recovery of the body. Please tie knots in the ends of your ropes!

If you have a radio on you use channel 7 sub channel 0 to communicate with the rescue team. We are not monitoring this channel but you can use it to communicate with us once we are on scene.